Retour d'expérience en Australie

Ulysse Armengaud, 24 ans
Master of Engineering Management
Université de Melbourne

1. Why did you choose to do a Double Degree abroad?

The main reason why I chose to do a Double Degree abroad is that I have the ambition to work in an international environment so it was important to leverage my engineering education in France with a worldwide recognized Master program. It was also the occasion to make friends with people from all around the world, to discover other cultures and ways of life. 

2. Why Australia? How different was the education system? 

I was attracted by the Anglo Saxon world and their education system, but I wanted to leave Europe and to be closer to Asia. As I had already been to Australia before (and loved it), it was a natural choice to apply for a Double Degree there.

The education system is really different from the French one. Universities are bigger and gather all the faculties (Engineering, Business, Law, medicine etc…). Master programs are very flexible so it is possible to study a wide range of subjects in various faculties. For instance allowed to study Financial Management for 6 months while I was enrolled in a Master of Engineering Management. Most of the study time is dedicated to group projects while lectures and tutorials are less frequent: the engineering entrepreneurship subject I took was a group project along the whole semester to learn to start new engineering ventures.

3. And life on campus?

The University of Melbourne is in the city center so students do not really live on campus. However, there are a huge number of events organized by students’ clubs and societies but I would say student life is a bit less exciting than at Centrale Nantes.

4. Can you tell me about the integration on campus? Was it easy to meet other students (international and local) ?

It is very easy to meet international students because everyone wants to make new friends. This is amazing; I have now friends from Japan, Russia, China, India, South America, and the US… The orientation week makes it even easier to meet other students with many events and barbecues. It was not easy to meet Australian students because most of them start working after their Bachelor degree but Sport is always a good way to make good friends.

5. How much did the degree cost? How did you cope with this expense?

The degree is quite expensive. It costs $36,000 and I got a student loan to cope with this expense. Universities in Australia are like companies (tuitionfees from international students are one of the major sources of funding for universities), but they also offer very good services (brand new libraries, Career advisors, sport facilities, powerful computers and IT systems).

6. Do you think it was a fruitful investment?

Definitely yes! I have been learning a lot and quality of teaching is very high. In fact, I am already using learning outcomes of subjects such as how to write a business plan or how to perform a financial analysis of a project.

7. What do you do now? What are your plans?

I am launching a start-up in Paris: a custom product market place. My plan is to join an accelerator program to be able to scale this business abroad. 

8. Do you think your experience at the University of Melbourne helped you definie your professional ambitions ? How?

Absolutely! Melbourne is such a dynamic environment for start-ups, that gave me the ambition to be an entrepreneur. Moreover some teachers encouraged me to do so and subjects were very concrete so that helped me a lot to define what I really wanted to do. 

9. What would you say to students who are thinking about studying abroad? Any advice?

Just do it! Wherever you go, meet people, visit new places and it will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience. Australia (and especially Melbourne) is a great place to go, as it offers an international exposure but also local heritage.

10. Finally, can you tell me one of your best memories at the University of Melbourne ?

As a student, one of my best memories is when one of my teachers gave me the opportunity to pitch my startup project to an audience of international students. It was an insightful experience to get feedback from people with various thinking types.

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"Just do it! Australia (and especially Melbourne) is a great place to go, as it offers an international exposure but also local heritage.

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Ulysse Armengaud

Ulysse Armengaud, 24 ans
Master of Engineering Management
Université de Melbourne