Twelve students from across the University will be vying for a share in $20,000 prize money in the annual Whitworth Roach Classical Music Performance Competition at the ANU School of Music.

The competition, which finishes on Thursday 22 September, is supported through a donation from Christine Roach and will feature a first prize of $10,000, a second prize of $5,000 and a third prize of $2,500. A people's choice prize winner will be awarded $2,500.

The event also includes performances and contributions from international musicians. This year's competition includes an appearance by the Australian String Quartet.

"You're selecting the best performing students, and you just hope that they'll continue on and perform and let all the community know all the pleasures and joys of music," Ms Roach said.

"There's just so much incredible music out there. I want it to become more popular in the community."

To be eligible, competitors need to be enrolled full-time at ANU in an undergraduate or postgraduate program. They can be domestic or international students studying any discipline.

Competitors will perform a programme of solo classical music composed between 1615-1915, with or without keyboard accompaniment in closed-door sessions on 21 September, before finalists compete against each other on Thursday 22 September in a public event at Llewellyn Hall.

Ms Roach hopes her ongoing donation for the competition will support high-calibre classical music performers at ANU to continue performing and further develop their skills.

Interim Head of the ANU School of Music, Professor Will Christie, acknowledged the generosity of Ms Roach's donation.

"As the School of Music considers its options and plans to rebuild itself, the generosity of donors like Christine Roach gives the School the recognition it deserves and the motivation to aspire to something better," Professor Christie said.

Auteur: Odile Smadja
Date de Publication: 2016-9-21


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