ANU Education and digital disruption

The strategic focus of the July meeting of the Council was on ANU education and digital disruption. Council's discussions considered the two primary drivers attributed to the digital disruption phenomenon - disintermediation (peer to peer learning) and disaggregation (unbundling of education materials and experiences in a way that enhances the value of the material and the rate of take up by students). There is a clear trend where the student can access, navigate and determine his/her own knowledge acquisition and learning needs and is empowered to choose and control the way in which s/he wishes to participate in their own scholastic development.

Council also considered the impact of choice, with increasing opportunities for students to be more discerning about their learning needs. Council has recognised that this trend will not abate and will have an impact on a range of key factors, including academic quality and standards and classroom design.

Over coming months the Council will continue the strategic discussion on the future of ANU education and digital disruption. It will particularly consider the measures being planned and undertaken by the University to garner expertise, strengthen partnership opportunities globally, and augment the ANU brand; and to provide a real point of difference in the Australian higher education market.

ANU Strategic Plan: Enabling Excellence

The Council received further updates from the Vice-Chancellor about progress towards a new ANU Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is nearing completion with the 12 thematic-based working groups, comprising staff and students, finalising their deliberations and contributions for the plan.

The Council endorsed a series of initiatives, which the Vice-Chancellor has since announced at the assembly on 1 August 2016, celebrating the University's 70th birthday. The initiatives include:

A move away from using ATAR as the sole determinant of entry, to include co-curriculum and community contributions recognised to commence in 2018 and be implemented over 6 years.

A scheme to attract and provide funding for high potential early and mid-career researchers to pursue their big ideas outside of the constraints of the grants funding agencies.

An Indigenous fellowship scheme to foster a cohort of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander academic staff

The Council will consider the complete draft of the 2025 Strategic Plan at its September meeting.

Auteur: Odile Smadja
Date de Publication: 2016-8-08


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